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Document Management

Bureautech provides a comprehensive document management and archive service.

Clients are enabled to establish a secure document input (to your workflow or case management process) and storage platform, accessible from any location via the web, eliminating the problems encountered in locally storing your records, such as:

  • Lack of server space, creating concerns for your IT department.
  • Restricted access to hard copy documents when used by multiple individuals.
  • Security concerns when records stored on your site in hard copy or on local servers.
  • Compliance / Regulatory issues caused by document retention policies.
  • Spatial problems - Using high cost real estate to store documents / boxes.
  • Disaster recovery problems following an unforeseen event (flood, fire, terrorism etc.).
  • The cost of managing your business critical records efficiently.

Our service is based on an exclusive robust software as a service (SaaS) product that can be applied using your existing in-house technology or utilise the hosting infrastructure of Peer 1 (Top 5 World Ranking) to allow remote or cloud based storage.

From scanning documents to DVD to offering a fully hosted virtual archive or feed in to your business software, Bureautech is able to execute swiftly and manage effectively.

We can even provide you with a traditional archive solution meeting all British standards.

Bureautech offer a variety of cost models including purchase, lease and pure transactional charging to empower you to take advantage of the system benefits in the best way to support the growth of your business.