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What are Managed Print Services?

In short...we monitor and support your print network and help you reduce the costs of printing across your business! Every element of your organisation's document production is monitored and managed. We help define your print needs in detail and can recommend and supply both equipment and software solutions to match those needs precisely.

We then take the task of managing the solutions away from your desk, including all supplies and servicing requirements. So the way you produce documents is optimised to the way you work, and you'll be free to focus on your core business more effectively.

Releasing Efficiency

We are expert in designing and developing solutions that deliver results - ones that produce significant ROIs for our clients. All of our clients and campaigns have a dedicated Account Manager.

Made to Measure

And if this all sounds like it's only for large companies with large budgets, think again. Consider the money that's spent on personal inkjet printers, the ink and energy they use and how that money might be more efficiently employed.

Today's Multi -Function Printers are invariably more cost effective per print, offer greater security and are more reliable. The ROI can be remarkable because we offer an all-inclusive Managed Print Service, that considers everything from paper supply to consumables to maintenance as an integrated whole, we can build that efficiency in from the very start.

So, more than anything, our skill lies in integrating state-of-the-art technology with the way you work, so your company can reap the efficiency benefits and improve your daily operations. Printers that work when you need them. With a managed print contract we monitor your printers remotely so we'll know if there's a fault before you do. If it's anything serious we dispatch a engineer to fix the unit.

Work smarter, save money

A big part of a managed print contract is to reorganise your workplace to make the best use of existing units and replace poorly performing units with more efficient models.

One supplier, one invoice

Your accounts department will love having one predictable invoice that covers everything. We can also fix your payments to ensure you meet your allocated budget.

Decisions based on the facts

We will regularly suggest cost saving ideas based on statistics gathered from monitoring your print environment.

Figure out the cost

How much does your printing infrastructure cost? And we mean really cost, when you add up everything: Employee's time, paper, toner, IT department, maintenance, initial purchase. We call this figure Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and it give us a measure to make savings against.

Get the data with a free print audit

We can install software on your print servers that will gather information on your print environment. This gives us a valuable insight into employee printing habits and suggests where we can improve efficiency or cut costs.

Set an accurate budget

We will analyse what you have spent in previous years on toner, ink cartridges, maintenance kits and other supplies to understand if this budget is being used effectively. You may have toner for broken devices, just sitting there in a stock cupboard or staff that use high quality paper for everyday printing.