Digital Communications Solutions Provider


A Mitel Communications Solution provides your business with the means to be more competitive, continually improve your customer service, increase productivity and reduce costs, as well as giving you a big business image.

The Mitel 5000 HX works with your existing network infrastructure and enables you to deploy not only IP, but digital or a combination of both IP and digital solutions efficiently and successfully.

Integrating your voice system into your data network gives you the competitive, cost-effective edge your business needs to succeed. It provides flexibility, advanced Unified Communications applications and cost-effective growth up to 250 users and multiple sites.

Embedded mobility applications provide you with cost-effective communication with mobile staff;

  • Dynamic Extension Express capabilities
  • Users twin their desk phone with their mobile, desk, remote office or home phones
  • Enhance personal accessibility and availability.

The 5000 HX embedded teleworking requires no server, licensing and no additional cost. Using the same voice mail, conferencing and corporate security features as their in-office colleagues, remote employees can become more productive and in touch and Teleworker Solution is implemented quickly and easily using a Mitel IP Phone.

The Mitel 3300 Integrated Communications Platform (ICP) provides the reliability, ease of use and cost effectiveness of a small business solution but has the productivity-enhancing applications and data networking capability of something much bigger. The 3300 ICP allows you to select the features you need now and add functionality as your business requirements change in the future.

Mitel provide a family of 3300 Controllers which allows the system to be truly flexible, they can be deployed as a full IP-PBX with all services, trunks and legacy connections integrated, as a media gateway for larger networks or to add IP flexibility to existing telephone systems;

The Mitel Communications Director (MCD) call control software allows you to operate your communications system with flexibility, ease and reliability. The powerful software runs on your choice of platform like the proprietary Mitel 3300 family of controllers or industry standard servers from Oracle, HP and IBM. Which makes the Mitel call control software the most flexible application of it’s kind available.

The Virtual Mitel Communications Director provides a solution for the latest services around Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) and Next Generation Networks (NGN). Mitel and VMware® have partnered to allow voice and business applications to run together in a virtualised environment. It provides the same MCD functions and capabilities, while being treated like any other virtualised application in the data centre.

The integrated Mitel Dynamic Extension solution provides users with the ultimate ‘no compromise’ mobility solution without escalating mobility costs:

  • External Hot Desking which allows users to answer calls to their extensions regardless of their physical location
  • Personal Ring Group where up to 8 external and internal endpoints ring simultaneously when a user’s primary number is called
  • Group Presence – allows a user who is a member of several calling groups to change their availability for each group (present or absent) on a daily basis

Mitel Communications Director supports the industry’s largest range of desktop devices and accessories, both wired and wireless, along with a powerful suite of applications;

  • Multimedia collaboration
  • Customer relationship management
  • Unified messaging.

Receive Mitel Unified Communicator (UC) Express free. UC Express is a lightweight, server-less unified communications client that provides productivity enhancements like click-to-dial, incoming caller ID pop-up, PC-based missed calls and speed calls list, and personal (Microsoft® Outlook®) directory integration. It also provides an innovative telephony toolbar GUI that allows users to manage the functionality of their Mitel IP Phone with speed and ease – directly from the Microsoft Windows® taskbar on their PC desktop.