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Telephony Services

The evolution of the simple telephone system has reached new levels of sophistication with so many developing products and services available. At Bureautech we strive to understand your fundamental requirements first, helping to eliminate any confusing elements, so you can make educated and accurate decisions based on your organisation's specific needs.

  • IP and hybrid in-house telephone systems can provide a 'like-for-like' replacement an existing telephone system, retaining your full control over its usage. Integration with Outlook, and other contact and industry specific databases provides more efficient communication with your clients.
  • Mobility is increasingly key. Users want access to their voice and data messages when away from the office, requiring seamless integration with iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc. over cell, SIP, wifi and 3/4G.
  • Disaster recovery is not just essential for data, but even without the occurrence of a dreaded 'hole in the ground' scenario, it is important staff can fully function if snow, floods, strikes or bomb-scares prevent them from getting to the office.
  • IP hosted infrastructures effectively take the telephone system off-site, providing flexible solutions across the web. This may be the choice for organisations whom have several separate sites to connect, or simply prefer paying for usage, rather than ownership.
  • Under one convenient umbrella we gather all the components of lines and broadband, calls, cell, project management, installation, training, maintenance and support. This shelters you from endless liaison with disparate and often opaque suppliers.
  • Bureautech's network of strategic partners ensure you obtain the best care and competitive pricing.

Whether you need your telephone system to simply answer and transfer, or whether you want to operate virtual telephony from a data centre, or something inbetween, Bureautech's wide portfolio of products and services can provide the optimum solution.